Rhodes Island is leading the way in demonstrating the potential of technology, collaboration, and synergy in preserving our natural heritage. The digital capture of the island’s coastline represents a significant milestone in the island’s history and sets a precedent for other digital islands to follow.

This milestone achievement was made possible through a collaboration between Keeano and Boatadvisor, as well as with the generous support of the Dodecanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Rhodes Marinas, and the Rhodes Rib Club

The 3rd Aegean Yachting Festival held in Rhodes served as the catalyst for the formation of this successful partnership. By pooling their knowledge and capabilities they overcome challenges and set in action a drone mission plan to capture the coastline of Rhodes. 

Rhodes Coastline

Project stats:  105 NM, over 400 aerial photos 

The project’s focus was on identifying locations of marine interest, including important anchorages, marinas, and beaches on the beautiful island of Rhodes. The Keeano team analyzed and designed automated drone flights that were geo-referenced around the coastal areas of Rhodes. With a keen eye on safety and accuracy, the team took into account the ever-changing weather conditions to ensure optimal performance.

The team accomplished a remarkable feat in a single day, covering a distance of 105 NM across the vast sea. As the drone took flights, it captured over 400 stunning images and valuable data of the coastline from various angles and heights. 

Lindos anchorage, Rhodes
Aerial view of Lindos anchorage, Rhodes island-Greece

All of the shots were taken while traveling by sea in a motorboat, guaranteeing that we captured all the points of interest that would be of genuine value to boaters. By utilizing this innovative approach, we have successfully created a comprehensive and detailed record of the island’s coastline. This record will prove to be invaluable to anyone navigating the waters around Rhodes.

Overall, the dedication and collaborative approach of the team was crucial to the project’s success and showcased the benefits of effective teamwork. 

Special thanks to V.Hatzikelis & DJI Greek Mavic Club. 

Rhodes Marina, coastline
Aerial view of Rhodes Marina, Rhodes island-Greece