We are welcoming autumn with some breezy ‘postcards’ from you!

This summer season, you have uploaded more stunning photos of the anchorages you visited than ever before!  

It was very hard for us to decide which were the best ones! 

We managed to narrow it down to the top 5 users’ photos from the Aegean Sea for you to enjoy!

Let’s dive in!

1.‘Carried Away’ at Kalamaki beach, Neochori.

Kalamaki beach Aegean
Caption: Aerial photo by Dimitris A. / 10.08.2020 

This awe-inspiring photo of Kalamaki beach in Neochori blew us away, and is hence in the first place for the season’s best.  

The aerial shot of the waves crushing the coastline creating amazing color contrasts is so minimal it could be on a magazine cover. Kudos to Dimitris A.!

Kalamaki beach is relatively remote although accessible by road and by steps that lead to the shore, as it has no amenities whatsoever.  

To find out more about this beach click here. 

2. ‘Volcanic beauty’ in Kleftiko beach, Milos.

anchorages Milos Aegean
Photo by Fotis G. / 07.07.2020 

These rocks in Kleftiko beach of Milos are straight out of the moon!  

The other-worldly beauty of this famous anchorage in Milos was perfectly captured by our user photographer with the contrast of the blue background of the sea and the sky. 

This small cove offers countless possibilities, with a sandy seabed perfect for snorkeling, rock diving and also an anchorage for small boats.  

Our users really love this place and have uploaded 26 photos so far. 

Have you also been there and want to share a photo? Click here. 

3. ‘Hide and Seek with the Sun’ in Red Beach, Crete.

Red beach Matala
Photo by Marianna P. / 18.07.2020 

This is the shot you take when the sun is riding an ‘elephant’. 

Red beach in Matala has the unique view of the two islets known as “Paximadia”, which from this perspective look like one island, and remind the locals of a small elephant! 

Marianna P. sure knew when to crystallize the epic moment! 

This famous beach of Crete has the unique reddish sand hue that gave it its name and it is organized with eat and drink amenities, although it retains its natural beauty, which also attracts some nudists. Seasonal sightings of sea turtles make this place unique and worthy of protection.  


4.’A natural window’ in Vithouri beach, Evia.

Vithouri beach
Photo by Stratos K. / 26.08.2020 

We can almost feel the peaceful quietness of this picture.  

An amazing perspective of Vithouri beach in Evia shows how rocky nature surrounds the photographer and frames the serene waters into a small window. What a view! 

Vithouri beach in North Evia is accessible by car only with an off-road experience and a steep natural path to access the shore.
Its remote location is perfect for seekers of wild nature and backpacker explorers. 

5. ‘Tropical mood’ in Damianos beach, Evia.

Photo by Basilis O. / 17.08.2020 

Is this taken in a Caribbean location?  

Frankly, it could be! And yet Damianos beach in Evia is the location of this tropical-looking shore of green landscapes, rocky steep cliffs and turquoise waters. What a combo! 

This very remote beach has no access by car, and needs climbing to reach the shore by land! Sounds very adventurous but the view is totally worth it!  

By boat, you can reach this anchorage and explore the nearby untouched coves as well. Within a distance of one nautical mile, you will find the islet Heliathos. It is so close you can actually approach it with a canoe. 

To find out more about the beach click here

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