Exploring the Southern Dodecanese is an absolute must for every sailor, offering a plethora of stunning anchorages. From the emerald waters of Symi to the ancient ruins of Rhodes, there is something for everyone to enjoy. The unspoiled beauty of Tilos and Nisyros make them popular destinations, while the renowned anchorages at Halki and Alimnia offer shelter and breathtaking views

The wind force is relatively mild thanks to the protection of the Minor Asia Coast to the east and northeast. Generally, winds do not exceed 25 knots (6 Beaufort), but remain at a minimum of 2-3 Beauforts, providing ideal sailing conditions throughout the summer months.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing getaway or an adventure-filled journey, the Southern Dodecanese is sure to provide an unforgettable experience.

Let us introduce 5 unique anchorages and overnight shelters of the South Dodecanese Islands.

1. Lindos anchorage, Rhodes Island

The stunning Lindos anchorage in Rhodes Island is a sight to behold! Surrounded by majestic cliffs and overlooked by the ruins of ancient Lindos, this naturally formed harbor offers a safe and secure mooring for boats.

As you take in the breathtaking views, it’s easy to forget that you’re actually anchored in a historic and important way-point between East and West. For added fun and excitement, swimming and kayaking at nearby coves offer a thrilling experience. 

With so many specialties, it’s no wonder why Rhodes Island is one of the most sought-after and highly recommended spots in Greece! 

Lindos anchorage, Rhodes Island-Greece
Aerial view of Lindos anchorage, Rhodes Island-Greece

2. Pantamos anchorage, Chalki Island

Sailing to Pantamos anchorage in the Southern Dodecanese region of Greece is an experience that will stay with you for a lifetime! Its lush, mountainous terrain is dotted with pristine sandy beaches, making it a perfect destination.

Pantamos anchorage near Chalki Harbour is a stunning and tranquil place. The crystalline waters make it a paradise for snorkeling, while the powdery seabed offers a secure anchorage for boats. With its pristine waters and sandy seabed, this destination is a haven for aquatic activities. 

Chalki Island is truly an unmissable sailing destination for anyone looking for a unique experience.

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 Pantamos anchorage, Chalki Island-Greece
Aerial view of Pantamos anchorage, Chalki Island-Greece

3. Panormitis anchorage, Symi Island

Anchoring at Symi Island in the Dodecanese is like entering a dreamland! Panormitis is a bay on the SW of the island.  

The magical Panormitis anchorage whisks you away to a tranquil space surrounded by rolling hills, turquoise waters, and an unforgettable sunset. This stunning landscape is even more idyllic when filled with yachts and boats, all peacefully sharing the same bay.  

The seabed is weeds, sand, and rocks. So you must ensure that the anchor is firmly secured. The jetty in the southern part is typically occupied by local yachts, ferries, and water tankers. 

Visitors can also take a scenic hike along the coast to the iconic Monastery of Panormitis, which is brimming with ancient artifacts worth seeing. In the bay, you’ll find a restaurant, a bakery, and a café, all of which offer a unique experience. 

Panormitis anchorage, Symi Island-Greece
Aerial view of Panormitis anchorage, Symi Island-Greece

4. Eristos anchorage, Tilos Island

Tilos Island is the perfect sailing destination, offering vast ocean views and plenty of opportunities to explore. From snorkeling in spectacular bays such as Livadia or walking along Eristos beach to Kakopetros village, you’re sure to find something for every kind of explorer. 

The anchorage of Eristos is located in a bay with crystal clear waters, sheltered from the winds and with a sandy seabed. The surrounding nature is simply breathtaking and invites visitors to explore its beauty on foot.

Moreover, the village of Megalo Chora is a mere 20-minute walk away, making it perfect for a day of exploration. 

With its whitewashed villages and turquoise seas, Tilos island is sure to captivate any sailor! 

Eristos anchorage, Tilos Island-Greece
Aerial view of Eristos anchorage, Tilos Island-Greece

5. Nisyros & Giali islands

Nisiros is an almost perfectly square-shaped island boasting an active volcano with a caldera measuring approximately four kilometers in diameter. Indeed this destination will excite even the most experienced sailors!

Nisyros does not offer sheltered anchorages, so we recommend that you remain in Mandraki mooring. Alternatively, you can sail to the island of Gali, which boasts two secure anchorages.Giali is a small island located three nautical miles northwest of Niseros. It is heavily quarried for its pumice, a lightweight volcanic rock used in a variety of industrial and commercial applications.

The island boasts two anchorages: Quarry Area and the Southwest Cove, both of which provide safe shelter for vessels of all sizes. With its unique geological features and abundance of pumice, Giali is a popular destination for sailors and quarry workers alike.

Aerial view of Quarry anchorage, Giali islet-Greee

In short, with gentle breezes and picturesque anchorages, it’s no wonder the Dodecanese Islands are renowned as one of the famous sailing destinations in Europe!

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