A blend of authentic sailing, discovering untamed anchorages and scaling to picturesque white and blue villages, make Small Cyclades a sailor’s paradise. Scattered across the shimmering Aegean Sea, these pristine islands boast some of the most breathtaking views in the world.  

Nestled between Naxos and Amorgos, this island sub-group consists of 4 islands: Donousa, Iraklia, Schinoussa, and Koufonisia. With its pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and stunning landscapes, this group of islands is a paradise for those seeking a tranquil getaway.  

Overall, sailing the Cyclades Islands offers a challenging experience with strong winds and towering waves during the months of July and August, making it an ideal destination for experienced sailors! If you choose to explore the Small Cyclades, you’ll be able to traverse the islands with ease, thanks to their close proximity. 

We have hand-selected the most picturesque anchorages of the Small Cyclades to inspire your next trip. With the Keeano app, you can explore all the anchorages and harbors of the region with ease.  

So embark on an unforgettable journey and discover the hidden gems of the Small Cyclades! 

1. Livadi anchorage, Irakleia Island

At Livadi anchorage, nestled in the idyllic Irakleia Island of the Small Cyclades, you can experience seamless beauty! This sandy stretch of coastline offers crystal-clear waters for swimming, with stunning views of the island of Venetiko. From here, you can take a leisurely stroll to Agios Georgios, the port of Herakleia.

There’s something to delight all types of yachtsmen who dock here: indulgent sailing among the unique landscape, beautiful sparkling waters for swimming and snorkeling and plenty of opportunities to explore natural beauty on foot.

You’ll marvel at breathtaking sights and be enchanted by its irresistible charm. Whether you plan to cruise or drop anchor, Livadi is a must-see destination that will make your heart sing with joy!

Livadi anchorage, Irakleia Island Greece
Aerial view of Livadi anchorage, Irakleia Island-Greece

2. Livadi Bay, Schoinousa Island

Livadi Bay in Schoinousa Island is an absolutely stunning anchorage! It’s a secluded and peaceful bay with a sandy seabed. Perfect for dropping anchor and taking a break from your journey at sea to explore the shoreline, its bright sand nestled between the small fishing boats that come and go.

Adventurers can take off on hikes exploring breathtaking trails leading up to beautiful hilltops with amazing views over this majestic landscape. Additionally, if you’re looking for a quick bite, you can find a restaurant along the coast. Livadi Bay is only 1km away from Chora (town) of Schoinousa

Truly, Livadi Bay is an unforgettable anchorage just waiting to be explored!

Livadi Bay, Schoinousa Island Small Cyclades
Aerial view Livadi Bay, Schoinousa Island-Greece

3. Detis anchorage, Kato Koufonisi Island

Exploring the Detis anchorage on Kato Koufonisi island promises to be an unforgettable adventure! With crystal clear waters and pristine golden-sand beaches, you will definitely fall in love with the mesmerizing beauty of this stunning spot.

There are plenty of activities to do here, from snorkeling off its shores to diving in search to explore some of the fascinating marine life. Time spent relaxing under the sun or paddleboarding around the beach is also a must-do!

And just when you thought this couldn’t get any better, what about getting ready for some real exploration and discover all the little hidden coves that lie nearby? Truly an amazing experience waiting to happen!

Detis anchorage, Kato Koufonisi Small Cyclades
Aerial view of Detis anchorage, Kato Koufonisi-Greece

4. Pori anchorage, Pano Koufonisi Island

Pori Bay in Pano Koufonisia is indeed an absolute gem of the Aegean Sea!

Perfectly protected from strong wind directions, this beautiful bay features sparkling blue-green water and a sandy beach – ideal for anchoring.

Spend a day cruising the bay, diving into its deep turquoise waters and exploring its lovely coves. Don’t forget to take your snorkel gear because you never know what treasures await beneath the surface!

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Pori anchorage, Pano Koufonisi Island
Aerial view of Pori anchorage, Pano Koufonisi Island – Greece

5. Stavros anchorage, Donousa Island

Finally, situated in the spectacular Donousa island, lay beautiful Stavros anchorage! With pristine waters and plenty of shade and crystal-clear skies, Stavros anchorage is an ideal spot for swimmers, sailors and beach enthusiasts alike!

With its protected and secure location in the heart of the Aegean archipelago, visitors are provided with a sense of tranquility as they take in all that nature has to offer. If you’re looking for a relaxing experience like no other then this is a dream destination for you!

With its picturesque coves and sandy beaches, there’s something for everyone here — whether it’s strolling along the shoreline or diving into some of the finest marine life around – you’re sure to have an incredible time!

Stavros anchorage, Donousa Island Small Cyclades
Aerial view of Stavros anchorage, Donousa Island – Greece

With countless bays to explore, the Small Cyclades is an epic sailing destination. You’re sure to uncover hidden gems while taking in breathtaking views around every corner. Prepare for an unforgettable experience that will be talked about long after you return home!


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