From the cosmopolitan Eivissa, to the stunning Formentera, and the twins Mallorca and Menorca, the Balearic Islands are among the best destinations for sailing vacation! Offering a wide range of shelters and anchorages along jagged shores of infinite blue, the islands are ideal for coastline exploration.

With the lifting of COVID-19 travel restrictions as of 9th May 2021, you can now travel to Spain and the stunning Balearic Islands safely, and explore more with the help of Coast View and our new “Place Suitability” feature. 

Let us introduce the top 5 anchorages and overnight shelters of the Balearic Islands. Our choice is based on popularity, location, suitability, protection from the winds, minimum and maximum depth

1. S’ Espalmador – Formentera Island 

To begin with, at the top of the list is S’Espalmador anchorage on the northern strip of land in Formentera. There, you can drop off anchor at 0 – 15 m and enjoy sandy dunes and breath-taking views of the Mediterranean.  

There, the sea ground is sandy, as well as the shore and although it is quite open, the anchorage offers great protection from E, SE, and NE winds! Thanks to this protection, 22% of the vessels visiting found shelter from E, SE, NE winds and stayed overnight

With a score of 5 out of 5 stars in popularity, it is one of the most visited anchorages in all Balearic Islands, especially during peak hours at 3-5 p.m. And yet, there is enough space to anchor and many spots to explore nearby, regardless of the sea occupancy. 

Aerial View of S’Espalmador anchorage – Formentera Island, Spain 

 2. Sant Miquel- Eivissa 

Secondly, in northeaster Eivissa (Ibiza), a most-visited cosmopolitan destination for sailing enthusiasts, you will find the stunning Sant Miquel anchorage.

This magical spot is among lush pine forests and the deep Mediterranean blue. Nearby you can find the sandy, organized beaches Port de Sant Miquel and Caló d’ Es Moltons. In addition, you will find S’Illa d’ En Bosc beach, a sandy column connecting the mainland with a tiny islet.

Apart from the endless possibilities for swimming, sea kayaking, and snorkeling, the anchorage offers sufficient protection from SE, E, S, SW, NE winds! You can drop anchor at a maximum depth of 15m and a minimum of 5m.

The anchorage is somewhat crowded by various vessels anchored during the peak hours between 4-6 pm. Alternatively, you can also head to Cala Benirras anchorage just east of the Sant Miquel cove. 

Tip: Consult Live Vessel layer on keeano and find out details about marine traffic and track if an anchorage is crowded in boats.

Aerial View of Sant Miquel anchorage– Eivissa Island, Spain 

3. Galdana – Menorca

The third of the top 5 anchorages in the Balearic Islands is found in southwestern Menorca, near Serpentona. There you can find Galdana anchorage.  It is a popular destination for sailors eager to dive in Cala Galdana beach or explore the nearby coastline.

The spot is most popular for its natural beauty, combined with endless amenities such as umbrellas, sunbeds, hotels and resorts for the perfect summer vacation. You can drop your anchor at 6-13m in depth, and reach the beachby dingy.

Based on its protection from SE, E, and S winds, the anchorage has a popularity score of 4 out of 5 stars. During peak hours between 4 and 6 pm, it is mostly visited by vessels up to 14m.

Don’t miss exploring the nearby coastline spots, full of jagged coves, hidden caves and secret coves.

Tip: For sea-kayaking lovers, we have a heavenly itinerary in Menorca for paddling!

Aerial View of Galdana anchorage– Menorca Island, Spain 

4. Sa Rápita – Mallorca 

Then comes Mallorca, the neighboring twin island, and the jewel of the Balearic Islands of Spain. In the southern part of Mallorca, just off Colónia de Sant Jordi, you can spot the beautiful Sa Rápita anchorage

Ideally located among 7 sandy organised and unorganised beaches, this popular anchorage offers shelter from E, SE, and NE winds. You can drop anchor at 0-14m unbothered, as it is quite open and doesn’t get overcrowded even during peak hours between 4-6 pm. 

According to our “Place Suitability” feature, 55% of the visiting vessels found stayed overnight, so it is preferred and recommended as a shelter by other sailors.

Explore all 7 beaches nearby with the help of Coast View by swiping left and right! 

sa rapita top 5 anchorages balearic mallorca balearic
Aerial View of Sa Rápita anchorage– Mallorca Island, Spain 

5. Comte – Eivissa 

Last but not least, just between western Eivissa and the islet of Illa des Bosc, lies another one of the top 5 anchorages in the Balearic Islands. Comte anchorage is a huge open spot with a maximum depth of 30m and a minimum of 1m. Small vessels up to 14 meters mostly visit this anchorage in Eivissa. 

It is the perfect shelter from E, SE, NE, and S winds to drop anchor and plan your exploration of the small islets. Sail to the north and west of it, or visit the Illa Sa Conillera island. Alternatively, you can visit the 4 beaches onshore, all easily accessible by dinghy. 

comte top 5 anchorages Balearic Eivissa
Aerial View of Comte anchorage– Eivissa Island, Spain 

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