Someone once said “if there’s a place, canoe there” and we feel that. That’s why we came up with the idea of creating series of blog posts about paddling tips and suggested itineraries for you to explore the diverse Mediterranean coastline!

Stay with us and discover hidden coves and arch-shaped caves along the jagged coastline, make stops to enjoy the scenery and dive into crystal-clear waters remote beaches and isolated coves. All these well-planned and safe beforehand, with the help of our Coast View feature.

Let us begin your journey with an ideal sea kayak itinerary at the southern coastline of heavenly Menorca in Spain.

Off we go: Launch Point at Son Saura beach – Menorca 

Set off for your adventure, which lasts about 6.5 NM and includes three stops, from stunning and spacious Son Saura beach.

The sandy beach is easily accessible by road, with road parking available to unload equipment and prepare for your trip. The wide bay offers a lot of free space and the depth of the water is medium. This makes it the ideal spot to begin your journey with an easy shoreline launch by straddling your boat before you sit in it. You will then paddle your way eastwards for 1.2 NM to reach your first stop.

Head out in the open water to cross the promontory and its magnificent rocky formations.

Safety Tip: Avoid the recreational boats during the busy hours with live coast occupancy data and discover more in-app with the new Anchorage Suitability feature.

Stop 1: The endless blue of Cala Turqueta 

Paddle your way for about 1.2 NM to Cala Turqueta, one of the most enchanting unspoiled shores of Menorca.

This protected cove is the perfect stop to catch a breath and dive from your kayak into cobalt blue waters that resemble a pool more than sea. The sandy Cala Turqueta offers little amenities, but a lot of free space onshore, public showers and a private WC if needed.

Setting off for your next stop to the east, you will pass by natural cave formations. One of them is shaped in a perfect semicircle, inviting you for a little adventure if the weather and the waves permit.

There, in the open waters, you will find another anchorage for those travelling by sea who can enjoy the panoramic view of the entire gulf from there.

Aerial View of Cala Turqueta, Menorca-Spain 

Stop 2: The rocky formations of Cala Macarella 

Little less than 2 NM away, you will reach your second stop, following the coast. It’s an easy paddling until Cala Macarella, whose cliff shores have been eroded by the sea for centuries, creating a jagged natural wonder you will never tire of.

This stretch of coast splits in two, creating a natural ‘canal’ for you to explore. The shallow waters of this canal paint the waters a stunning turquoise which is almost fluorescent. You will surely find a moment’s peace there, away from the crowds bathing on the main beach of Macarella.

Stop 3: The natural arch of Cala Mitjana  

Last but definitely NOT least, is the most picturesque beach Cala Mitjana. Head towards your last exploration stop with a basic forward stroke for more or less 2 NM!

The shore here is overshadowed by more lush vegetation as we move eastward, with bright green pine trees hanging over the cliffs.

The intact natural habitat features a rugged cliff shaped as an arch you can paddle through to discover what lies hidden within the rock walls.

If that isn’t the perfect sea-kayak spot to dive for some snorkelling!

Safety Tip: This beach tends to be overcrowded during summer high-season, especially during midday and early afternoon. It’s best to make your stop protected inside the arch-shaped cave

Aerial View of Cala Mitjana, Menorca-Spain 

End: Cala Trebaluger 

To end your wonderful kayak trip on the southern shores of Menorca, we recommend the convenient Cala Trebaluger, 1.2 nautical miles to the east from our favourite Cala Mitjana.

There, you can stop for the day and enjoy the sandy shore, which is not as crowded. To land, make sure you row your way towards the shore and stop just before your bow touches the seabed. The waters near the shore are shallow enough for you to easily stand and land your kayak safely. After you landed, take a last swim in its crystal-clear waters with a view of endless green for the contrast.

Unlike the rest of these beaches, this one has road access and enough space both for road parking and on-shore, making your departure easier, equipment packing and all! 

Get a visual of this Mediterranean Coastline Exploration itinerary swipe by swipe using Coast View and never miss a thing.