Everyone loves trip planning by themselves but no one can really predict situations efficiently, especially when trying via a mobile screen! We came up with a solution to this. You‘ve heard the news! You can now start exploring and planning your next sailing trip from keeano Live Web App

Let us put this into perspective. 

Let’s begin with a real-life scenario. Four friends are thrilled to be planning their next sea trip. But soon the tables are turned. Imagine the time and energy consumed on multiple browser tabs, weather forecasting apps, subscriptions on boating apps, and route planning, only to make unclear speculations.

No matter the notes, and lengthy group chats, they can never be certain of safety and convenience. They finally manage to design their trip and make it happen only to come across multiple challenges no later than their first day out in the sea. 

  1. Unpredictable weather 
  2. Crowded coast 
  3. No berths available at the destination 

Sailing, as a way of travel, is erratic, and planning a trip is cumbersome and time-consuming. We are here to simplify this process. 

Why now and why us?  

Our proven experience around the Mediterranean coastline, the detailed behavioral data from the previous seasons as well as the long-term relationships and collaborations we’ve built and keep building completes a challenging puzzle called Dynamic Trip Planning.

And here’s how it works: 

1. Safety’s First 

No sailing trip would be possible without suitable weather. With a simple weather forecast app, it would be up to you to do the math while trip planning. In keeano Live Web app, you can find weather suitability, according to your vessel size and vessel type, completely tailored to your needs.  

Anchorages and beaches are measured with protection score, based on the wind direction and their openness to the sea. On top of the protection score, to find your perfect anchorage, you can consult our popularity score, based on historical data powered by MarineTraffic from vessels of the same type as yours, which have stayed with the same weather.

Be protected from the winds and find your perfect overnight shelter. Look for the green badge to know if a place is suitable based on your vessel. Know your forecast for the specific places for up to 4 next days and choose your shelters wisely. 

trip planning on keeano web app now with weather suitability feature
Know all about Weather suitability by enabling the map layer.

2. Set your needs straight 

We’ve changed, according to the needs of the community. Whatever your need is while on a sailing trip, there’s a filter or a tag to guide you to your perfect spot.  

Are you into experiencing the coastline and exploring more? You can find caves, hidden gems, secret coves and locations with no amenities to immerse yourself in nature. Go on a visual exploration tour with Coast View and decide what works for you. 

Looking for launching points for your sea-kayaking adventures? Find all the ramps and know road access beforehand. 

Don’t know what your next overnight shelter is? Consult our place suitability and find the suggested anchorage according to weather conditions and accurate data that ensure your safety and protection! 

Hungry for a bite? Looking for supplies? Filter out places with shopping options and services, find your next marine repair spot, know where to go for marine accessories and fuel

3. Set up your next trip, you’re ready to go! 

To tie all these up and make your life easier, we are now introducing the first phase of “My Trip”, where you can cherry-pick 5 places for your next trip, bookmark them as favourites and create a trip list. Save them and take them with you offline. All without an account and free of charge.  

Tip: To save more places, create a free account and bookmark infinite locations! 

Check this out here. Your next trip is out there somewhere. Start planning

trip planning based on filters and tags in new keeano web app live
Set your needs straight with our new filters and tags system.

4. Coming soon… 

Let’s end the great news with a promise. Soon, the final version of “My Trip” will be out for multi-day sailing trip planning.  And a fresher version of our mobile app.

Save your locations now, and soon you will be able to make itineraries, known Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA), and get route planning directions with new bathymetric data.  

Our invite & share options will make route planning with friends a piece of cake. Have it all in keeano live web app. Simple as that.  

We’re all about changing the way you experience the coastline.