Sicily may not be the most well-known island in the Mediterranean Sea, but it hosts some of its most impressive anchorages. From San Vito lo Capo to Trapani and beyond, this Italian gem is filled with astounding beauty.  

The island boasts the perfect combination of crystal-clear waters, picturesque locales, and year-round mild weather making it one of the top sailing destinations in Europe. Whether you choose to overnight or stay for a few days, explore Sicily’s hidden gems and make memories that are sure to last a lifetime! 

Plus, with its rich cultural heritage, delicious cuisine and vibrant nightlife, you’ll find there are plenty of reasons why Sicily is one of the top destinations in the world. 

With so many anchorages to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which are the best. To make it easier, we have selected the Top 5 for you. You can download the Keeano app and explore Sicily in greater detail by taking advantage of the Coast View feature.

So, grab your friends and stretch out your sails! An incredible voyage awaits – you won’t be disappointed. 

1. Cala Dogana anchorage, Lenanzo island 

Cala Dogana in Levanzo Island is an absolute must-see! Admire the crystal-clear waters and pristine white shoreline, its spectacular beauty enhanced by warm waters that make it possible to take a dip even in winter.  

From here, you can sail around to the adjacent islands for stunning views of impressive rock formations. The numerous cliffs create wonderful waves for all sorts of aquatic activities! Enticing seafood restaurants can be found closeby, offering tantalizing Mediterranean cuisine to refresh your taste buds.  

The village perched atop the hill provides a glimpse into traditional Sicilian culture and heritage. You can wander through the narrow alleys, taking in the intricate details like stone stairs lined with flowers and hand-painted icons everywhere.  

An exclusive experience awaits when you boat in Cala Dogana. Picturesque views open up, making it a truly magical anchorage! 

Cala Dogana anchorage, Lenanzo island  Sicily
Aerial View of Cala Dogana anchorage- Levanzo Island, Italy

2. Cefalu anchorage 

The azure waters of the Mediterranean and the majestic mountain backdrop of Cefalu make it an absolute must-see destination. Located on the northern coast of Sicily, its pristine harbor provides the perfect shelter for vessels of all sizes.  

Whether you’re looking for a cozy overnight stay or a longer stay, Cefalu has it all. Plenty of restaurants and shops await you ashore. Besides exploring its unique architecture, art, and history (with the Norman Cathedral at its center), sailing near Cefalu offers unparalleled joy. Multi-colored fishing boats bob in the waves as you take in the breathtaking views from your boat!  

Admire the steep cliffs of Capo d’Orlando and explore secret coves and private bays that are just waiting to be discovered. So if you’re looking for a stunningly beautiful place to anchor up some time soon, add Cefalu to your list! 

Cefalu anchorage Sicily
Aerial View of Cefalu anchorage– Sardinia Island, Italy

3. Taormina anchorage  

Visiting Taormina anchorage in Sicily is a dream come true for any sailor! Nestled between the majestic mountains and the sparkling sea, it is a stunning paradise offering tranquil waters ideal for swimming, kayaking, and sailing during the summer months.  

It is an adventurer’s hotspot, with cave diving, beach hikes, and snorkeling along its adjacent coastline. With a plethora of restaurants, art galleries, and historical gems, it is no wonder why sailors have been coming here for centuries!

A true sailor’s paradise awaits! 

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Taormina anchorage Sicily
Aerial View of Taormina anchorage– Sardinia Island, Italy

4. Mondello anchorage 

Mondello anchorage is a breathtaking destination for mooring your boat. Its crystal-clear waters provide a stunning backdrop for admiring the majestic Monte Pellegrino.  

Whether you are looking for a romantic sunset cruise or a relaxed day out, Mondello is the perfect choice. With convenient amenities such as fuel pumps and dockside restaurants, this anchorage is the perfect place to drop anchor.  

There are also plenty of activities to keep you entertained, from swimming and kayaking to snorkeling, diving, and fishing.

Mondello anchorage  Sicily
Aerial View of Mondello anchorage– Sardinia Island, Italy

5. Fontane Bianche anchorage 

Fontane Bianche is a great anchorage in Sicily, offering breathtaking views of the azure waters, white sand beaches and beautiful coastline. Indeed anchoring here is a truly unique experience – surrounded by stunning limestone cliffs and crystal-clear blue water dotted with fishing boats.  

You can wander around the quaint villages perched on top of these dramatic cliffs or take a nature walk through the towering forests. The nearby town of Siracusa offers delightful dining with fresh local seafood and traditional Sicilian cuisine. Furthermore, it has many attractions, such as its impressive archaeological sites and fascinating churches.  

So be sure to add this charming anchorage to your itinerary!

Fontane Bianche anchorage  Sicily
Aerial View of Fontane Bianche anchorage– Sardinia Island, Italy

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned sailor, Sicily has something for everyone with its reliably flat seas and sandy coves dotted along the coastline. So come experience first-hand why so many are captivated by these blissful waters – plan your sailing holiday in Sicily today!

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