Sardinia is an incredibly beautiful island and it offers some of the best anchorages in the world. With a mild climate all year round and plenty of anchorages where you can drop anchor during your trip, this stunning location is ideal for exploring the Italian coast in all its glory!

You can explore hidden coves, discover ancient villages with their rustic charm, and take in views of sublime islands.

We have selected some of the most charming anchorages in Sardinia as a safe haven. Discover the other anchorages of Sardinia through the Keeano app with the help of the “Coast View” feature.

So anchors aweigh for an epic sea exploration beneath the Italian sun!

San Pietro anchorage  

Sailing in Sardinia at the San Pietro anchorage is an exciting and awe-inspiring experience! 

The anchorage itself is a safe and secure hidden gem with plenty of space for boats big and small. Ideal for snorkeling and swimming, this location makes for a perfect day packed with adventure and fun.

Clear views from almost anywhere on the edge make sure that no breathtaking water panorama escapes your eye! And yet, it’s so close to Calaforte that you can hop ashore for lunch or sample some local cuisine any time during your stay here. 

So come on board – sailing in Sardinia at San Pietro anchorage can be a trip of lifetime! 

San Pietro anchorage  – Sardinia Island, Italy
Aerial View of San Pietro anchorage  – Sardinia Island, Italy 

Porto Giunco anchorage 

Sailing in South Sardinia’s stunning Porto Giunco anchorage is a fantastic location! With its crystal-clear water, unspoiled bays, and pristine beaches, it’s a true paradise for seadogs.  

The seabed is perfect for anchoring due to its gentle slopes, sand composition and secure sandbank. 

There are plenty of activities on offer too – from snorkeling and fishing to swimming in natural pools or exploring caves full of Mediterranean wildlife.  

With such serene beauty and entrancing atmosphere, it’s easy to see why so many boaters flock to this peaceful corner of Sardinia each year! 

Porto Giunco anchorage  – Sardinia Island, Italy 
Aerial View of Porto Giunco anchorage  – Sardinia Island, Italy 

Piana anchorage 

Piana Island is part of the Sulcis archipelago and falls under the territory of Carloforte. Dropping the anchor onto the seabed near Piana provided an adventure like no other!  

Resting amidst clear waters and a beautiful sandy seabed, it’s surely the perfect spot for some restful downtime. Enjoy the sunshine and fresh breeze, take in the stunning 360° views and feel the calmness of this special place.  

With calm waters and incredible scenery, Piana anchorage indeed has everything you need to unwind in luxury – just drop anchor and feel your worries drift away! 

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Piana anchorage  – Sardinia Island, Italy 
Aerial View of Piana anchorage  – Sardinia Island, Italy 

Porto Frailis anchorage 

Porto Frailis is a beautiful anchorage for the boating enthusiast, situated on the east coast of Sardinia near the commune of Siniscola. This authentic Italian setting is perfect for those looking to get away from everyday life and relax amongst stunning views.

White sandy beaches and ancient ruins provide the perfect backdrop while you soak up the sunshine or plot your next voyage! With numerous shallow bays and coves, there are plenty of choices when it comes to where you want to drop anchor.

Alternatively, why not choose one of the many lovely anchorages available around Porto Frailis? Click here to find more!

Lido di Ori anchorage  – Sardinia Island, Italy 
Aerial View of Porto Frailis anchorage  – Sardinia Island, Italy 

Cala Luna anchorage

As you sail into Cala Luna anchorage, you can feel yourself slowing down as your vessel glides through open waters and deeper into this exotic paradise. 

With crystal-clear waters and pristine, white sand, the scenery here is beyond breathtaking. The light shimmering off of the bright ocean creates a magical atmosphere, perfect for peaceful sailing and enjoying the beauty of nature all around. 

So grab your compass and map and discover what can be found between here and eternity! 

Cala Luna anchorage  – Sardinia Island, Italy 
Aerial View of Cala Luna anchorage  – Sardinia Island, Italy 

You can drop anchor in crystal clear waters between incredible mountains, from small fishing villages to bustling ports – whatever kind of anchoring experience you’re after, Sardinia has something for everyone.

Overall, Sardinia provides landscapes full of personality and breathtaking beauty – making up a remarkable sailing destination!

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