It is now September and you still want to break free for last-minute summer vacation. With keeano, you can enjoy the rest of your summer in the beach carefree.

We chose a convenient destination and planned a 3-days-trip for you to experience an unforgettable summer, even in the last minute, with the safety that our times require. Plan your trip from your mobile phone. It’s that simple!

Destination: Kythnos Island

Kythnos island is one breath away from Athens, approximately 1 hour and 40 mins from Lavrio, yet her Cycladic beauty is one of a kind. The wild landscape is combined with endless sandy beaches with crystal clear waters, making it a must summer destination!

Its natural beauty goes hand in hand with its nightlife, attracting more and more groups of friends eager to have fun. In Kythnos, you can have the best holiday with your friends without spending much. Grab a suitcase with a few change of clothes, book your tickets with 3 clicks and you’re on your way!

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Day 1

Landed on the island and want to get to the beach as soon as possible? Episkopi beach is located only 2 kms away from the port of Merichas, and 2.2 kms away from the center of Kythnos, and yet it can satisfy all your needs. Whether you are close to the port or at the center, the route will last 5-6 minutes.

An endless sandy shore with natural shade from the trees is waiting for you. For those eager to relax, the beach offers sunbeds and umbrellas from nearby beach bars.

Even if you are likely to get hungry after the trip and the swim, don’t worry! In Episkopi you will find amazing traditional cuisine with sea views. If you prefer, you can eat when you are back in Chora. We asked the locals and learned that you can find the best traditional cuisine at the restaurant To Steki tou Ntetzi (@tostekitountetzi__kythnos) or if you are hungry for seafood, the Psipsina (@psipsina_kythnos) restaurant with a variety of new flavours that give a pleasant twist to traditional Greek dishes.

Tip: To find more places with restaurants and other food services nearby, change your mood to “Hungry” in your keeano app.

If you are in the mood for partying or a cocktail at the seafront, Episkopi can offer both, with many beach bars and young people enjoying the music and the stunning waters.

Later at night, when in the mood for some night stroll, get together at The Kraken bar (the__krakenbar) and enjoy fruity cocktails with an amazing view, or simply stroll through the traditional streets of Chora in the light September breeze.

Episkopi Beach in Kythnos
Aerial view of Episkopi beach -Kythnos

Day 2

Want to explore the hidden gems of the island? Changing your mood to “Remote” will help you find the perfect secluded beach Agios Sostis located in the northeastern part of the island, only 10 kms away from the center, approximately 25 minutes by car and easily accessible.  

Agios Sostis beach is not crowded and does not offer amenities or services. Once you get there, you will spot the picturesque old church on the cliff and experience the breathtaking view of the Aegean.

The beach is ideal if you want to spend an unforgettable day with your friends and have a break from partying and all the fuss. The crystal clear waters are inviting to dive in and the beach is mostly sandy with small peebles in some spots. The rocky formations of the coastline are ideal for snorkelling and seabed exploration, so don’t forget to bring your mask with you.

Tip: Before you set off, make sure you bring water and snacks with you. For those of you sensitive to the ruthless sun, bring an umbrella.

On your way back, make a stop in Agia Eirini to dine at Aria’s Restaurant (@arias_kythnos) and enjoy the delicious dish “linguini with lobster”. It is really worth a bite. Later, walk along the coast in the picturesque location Loutra nearby, with a nice view.

Agios Sostis Beach in Kythnos
Aerial view of Agios Sostis beach-Kythnos

Day 3

For your last day in Kythnos, do not forget to visit the famous Kolona beach. A narrow ‘pillar’ of sand connects the island with a small ‘islet’ known as Agios Loukas.

This is the perfect spot to take great photos with your friends and dive into serene waters. If you are staying at the center, the route will take you approximately 18 minutes, situated 6.4 kms away. Also, the beach is ideally situated for your return to the port as well, with only 20 minutes distance from Merichas.

Prepare yourself for an offroad experience before you reach the beach, but surely the view is worth it a million times over!

Tip: If you are not in the mood for adventures and hiking, choose the easiest option: access by sea, either by renting a boat for a day or with a ferry taxi from the port of Merichas.

Kolona Beach in Kythnos
Aerial view of Kolona beach-Kythnos

For your return, have your Ferryhopper tickets towards Athens ready and simply enjoy a safe trip back.

Even in the ferry back, your trip is not over yet… with Coast View you can now explore more beaches in the Mediterranean coastline, to plan your next vacation or simply daydream en route.