Following up on our latest blog post with your photos from the Aegean, we present the Ionian chapter. No less beautiful, for sure!

The distinct Ionian beauty of wild landscapes and untamed waters unfolds through our top 5 users’ anchorage photos.

Let’s unwind it together!

1. ‘Change of perspective’ at Agrapidia anchorage, Kalamos

agrapidia anchorage Ionian top photos
Aerial photo by Aggelos Z./ 06.07.2020 

The old traditional mill of Agrapidia beach in Kalamos, which decorates this wide-open coastline, is now explored from above!

The symmetry of the aerial shot and the crystal-clear waters of the Ionian Sea is made out of daydreams!

Agrapidia is a great anchorage for boaters to make a stop and enjoy the eat-and-drink amenities.

Within a range of 4 nautical miles, boaters can have access to 8 more places around, including 7 beaches and the marina of Kalamos.

To discover Agrapidia anchorage and its nearby places follow this link.

2. ‘Serenity’ in Agiofili beach, Lefkada 

This photo of Egkremni anchorage located on the west coast of Lefkada is so perfect we had to look twice to make sure it’s real!

The photographer managed to take a shot of this popular beach with hardly any bathers around, highlighting its stunning waters and wild cliffs. One of a kind!

The anchorage of Egremni with its turquoise and crystal clear waters is one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in the Mediterranean.

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3. ‘A safe haven’ in Myrtos beach, Kefalonia

Myrtos beach Ionian top photos
Photo by Aris G. / 07.06. 2020 

Protected from the sun but with a view? H(e)aven!

Seems that our photographer has discovered his own tranquility with this perfect spot in Myrtos beach of Kefalonia.

The popular Myrtos beach in the Ionian Sea is actually a salty pool of calmness. It’s worth adding it to your route and dropping your anchor for a swim in crystal clear waters.

See all pictures and learn full details of Myrtos anchorage here.

4. ‘Land ho!’ in Ammos anchorage, Sapientza 

Ammos anchorage 
Ionian top photos
Photo taken on board by Efi S. / 27.08. 2020 

Aye captain, that’s the spot!

This hidden treasure is only for the able seamen and women. Located in the island of Sapientza, just opposite Methoni, Ammos beach is a secluded beach with natural wildlife and unspoiled waters.

Set sail for the green mountainous island surrounded by sea and discover more secret coves and safe anchorages to dive into.

Enable ‘Coast View’ map layer and explore the island of Sapientza with this visual aerial guide.

Find out more about the beach here.

5. ‘A coa(s)t of glass’ in Yali beach, Corfu 

Yali beach ionian top photos
Photo taken by Dimitris S. / 16.09.2020 

No wonder why the name of this beach translates to ‘glass’. The waters are literally crystal-clear!

Yali beach in Corfu is a small secluded cove, as it has no access by car whatsoever. It is an ideal destination for adventurers who wish to explore the surrounding area by climbing. Dimitris’ photo proves that it is surely worth the adventure!

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Our team is very happy to enjoy your pictures from this summer and even happier to be able to share them with the community!

Thank you for your lovely summer ‘postcards’. We would love to see more from you!

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