Evia is one of the closest and most easily accessible destinations in Athens, ideal for short weekend excursions and getaways. Just a breath away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Evia is full of secluded beaches. Take some time off and enjoy the sun and the sea away from crowded beaches during the post-quarantine period!

Apart from the many well-known and beloved spots, we will reveal some well-hidden “secrets” to make every visit truly a unique experience! Really idyllic beaches, most known to locals and regular “guests” but less well known to the majority of people.

Being a Land Traveler searching for the perfect beach is not so simple. Easily accessible? Is there anything to drink? Keeano app can not only reveal your ideal secret beaches but also inform you for a possible off-road experience! Or for the small canteen under the only tree on the beach!

Dafni Secluded Beach

Just 110 km from Athens and 32 km from Chalkida, Dafni Nerotrivias in Evia is one of the best suggestions for short getaways. Ιn less than 2 hours you will arrive at the beautiful beach with pebbles and stones on both the coast and the seabed. For a more secluded experience, we suggest the second beach of Dafni. Before you arrive, you will meet the hidden tavern- cafeteria that generously offers sea and mountain views. The access by road is easy and there is space for parking on the road. In order to go down to the beach keep in mind that you will need to walk an easy path. The beach is well protected from the majority of the winds, fortified in the Gulf of Evoikos, making it one of the most “quite” beaches in Evia. The waters are crystal clear as many springs end up from the mountain Kandili, the one just above the beach.

Dafni Beach is a secluded Beach in Evia
Aerial View of Dafni Beach – Evia

Vithouri Beach

Vithouri beach is located in a small bay facing the Aegean Sea and only few people know it. A hidden and untouched paradise 126 km away from Athens and 53 km from Chalkida. It has wild beauty and is not touristy at all, so before going there be sure that you have enough water and food. The beach is a small unorganized one covered with sand and small pebbles. Are you ready for an off-road experience? Location Details at Keeano will save you!  Driving there be aware that the last 5 km to the beach is covered in a dirt road. As soon as you arrive you can park on the road. The beach is open to North winds, so check the weather before arriving there!

Hint! Bring your snorkeling mask as the seabed is suitable for exploration!

Vithouri Beach is a secluded beach in Evia
Aerial View of Vithouri Beach – Evia

Cheromylos Beach

Cheromylos Beach is located in South Evia, 140 km from Athens, 65km from Chalkida and 5 km from Agioi Apostoloi village. A beautiful sandy, unorganized beach, open to the Aegean Sea with easy access by road, with the last minutes off-road. There is a space for parking and a small canteen for something to eat or drink.  The crystal-clear deep waters will reward your choise but check the weather first as the beach is open to North winds!

Cheromylos Beach is a secluded beach in Evia
Aerial View of Cheromylos Beach – Evia

Thapsa Beach

Thapsa beach is located in central Evia and is one of the most inaccessible beaches in Evia island. About 3 hours away from Athens, 2 hours from Chalkida, and 30min from Kymi. This secluded beach is in pure nature but be prepared to cross a rugged dirt road about 10 km to get there, so if you do not own a 4×4, be extremely careful. The result will totally reward you.  The sea is magical, with a rich seabed, pebbles, and some sand. You will find a small canteen and some umbrellas provided by the small bar. As electricity is provided by a generator, it is not a bad idea to bring your food and drink to avoid unexpected situations. Definitely one of the most untouched, magical, and isolated beaches close to Athens!

Thapsa beach is a secluded beach in Evia
Aerial View of Thapsa Beach – Evia

Petali Beach

Our last stop is about 2 hours away from Athens and 1 hour from Chalkida. Located in North Evia, Petali is an awesome secluded beach between 2 steep cliffs. The beach has black pebbles, the waters are very clear and the sea does not deepen as abruptly as the others who see the Aegean. The route to reach the beach is magical, with incredible views from Dirfi but towards the end there is a piece of dirt road, which however can be crossed by any conventional car. There is a canteen on the beach from the morning until late in the afternoon. One of the most beautiful beaches in Evia!

What Else? The siesta under the cliffs is a must cause the sun reaches you at around 15:00. Furthermore, we higlhy propose to discover the caves around the beach (via land or sea).

Petali beach is a secluded beach in Evia
Aerial View of Petali Beach – Evia

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