Far away from the well-trodden tourist streets and busy ports, Greece offers off-the-radar islands and hidden beaches, many of them only accessible by boat. The new way of life imposes Covid-free and non-crowded summer destinations so for many of us, the ideal vacation is on a sailing boat, ready for new magical, untouched and secluded beaches, on coastal places we have never been before! The only way to figure out their location seems to be from a local, since searching for them by yourself can be time-consuming.

For that, we have collected some of the most beautiful secluded beaches in Cyclades islands that are only accessible by boat, as can be found in keeano application. With the new “Coast View” feature, you can have access to aerial views of the spots!

Before we start our trip: Don’t forget your snacks, refreshments and your umbrella!

Mersini Beach – Polyaigos Island

Our first stop is the island of Polyaigos, the biggest uninhabited Mediterranean island! On the east side of the island and about 2.1 ΝΜ heading East-SouthEast from Kimolos (Psathi Port), you will find the beautiful Mersini Beach which can be reached only by boat. Boats can anchor off, after a trip of 22min, on 2-4 m with sandy-rocky seabed and good holding. The island Manolonisi is connected with Polyegos through a reef with < 1 m depth. The beach is protected by the majority of the winds apart from the East wind. It is an excellent choice for the lovers of fishing, snorkelling and scuba diving due to its untouched natural beauty and unique coastline morphology.

TIP : Avoid coast occupancy using keeano Live Vessels map layer and enjoy

Mersini beach polyaigos  - sailing in cyclades
Aerial View of Mersini Beach & Manolonisi – Polyaigos Island, Cyclades

Katergo Beach – Folegandros Island

The characteristic of Folegandros Island is its steep and rocky shores. 
It is a landscape for enthusiasts of wild beauty, featuring mostly unorganized beaches. A must visit choice for boat travelers is Katergo Beach about 1.9NM and 18min away with sailing boat heading East-South from the port of Folegandros! Drop the anchor off on 1-2 m. at seabed which is mostly sand and rock with seaweed patches, offering very good holding. Βe aware of the winds, cause it may be dangerous when North, NorthEast and South winds are blowing. Its crystal clear and blue-green waters will bring you tranquility and the wild beauty of the place will make it memorable!

Katergo beach folegadros - beaches in cyclades
Aerial View of Katergo Beach – Folegandros Island, Cyclades

Alimia & Merichas Beaches – Iraklia Island

Another two secluded beaches are located at Small Cyclades and specifically on the island of Iraklia. But are not the only ones! Sail SouthEast from the port of Agios Georgios and get ready to experience something unique!

The bay of Merichas is about 39 min with sailing boat and 3.8 NM away sailing southeast from Agios Georgios port. It is also known as “Ammoudi” beach among locals. It’s a beach with pebbles and one of the most impressive beach on the island. It is surrounded by vertical cliffs over 100m high offering a great amount of shade during the evening. The seabed is rocky and offers good holding in order to enjoy your stay there. Use a dinghy in order to reach the beach as you will anchor off on 5-6 m. The bay offers a safe haven when west, northwest, and north winds blow. It consists an ideal place for birdwatching and observing nests of rare birds.

Merichas beach iraklia - beaches in cyclades
Aerial View of Merichas Bay – Iraklia island, Cyclades

Traveling 3.2NM from Merichas and sailing for about 32min west coast with a sailing boat, you will discover Alimia Bay, one of the most beautiful beaches in Cyclades. The bay hosts two gold-sandy beaches on the southwest coast of the island. Drop the anchor at 5-10 m. where the seabed is sandy with seaweed patches. The anchor holding is characterized as very good. The bay is protected from all the north winds, especially during August but is exposed when South winds blow. Use a dinghy to reach the beach and carry your food, drinks and an umbrella. Beach picnic is always a good idea! Don’t neglect to collect your trash back on the boat!

Ηint! Perfect sea-spot for seabed observation! Scuba diving lovers will be thrilled with the trademark of the beach. A “trunk” of the German seaplane that sank here during World War II! So don’t forget your mask!

Alimia Iraklia sailing  - beaches in cyclades
Aerial View of Alimia Beach – Iraklia island, Cyclades

Livadi Beach – Donousa Island

Last stop of our trip is Livadi beach, about 20min from the port of Donousa and 2NM away sailing SouthEast coast. A must-visit well-protected homonymous bay that offers good shelter from the Meltemi but expect strong gusts. You can drop the anchor at 4-7m. at sandy seabed with good holding. Find relaxation while swimming in its turquoise waters, while white sand and scarce shade spots, complete the scenery. It has been described as a magical and exotic beach for its pure natural beauty! Avoid visiting the beach when south winds blow. A true marvel of secluded beaches in Cyclades Islands.

Livadi beach -sailing Donousa - beaches in cyclades
Aerial View of Livadi Beach -Donousa island, Cyclades