That’s it. It all ties together. Our experience around the Mediterranean coastline and the detailed behavioural data from the previous seasons led to the last piece of the challenging puzzle that is a dynamic trip planner for sailing trips.  

We now proudly introduce “Trips”, an advanced tool that became a reality thanks to our long-term collaborations and collective efforts.

With the power of MarineTraffic, the leading Global Ship Tracking Intelligence company, we have countless live vessels – AIS Class B, which allows you to plan efficiently, avoid the crowds and find the perfect spot to drop anchor. In addition, you can now know all about weather suitability by having access to place protection score along with the popularity score (arrived from historical data stays in that area), and find the ideal overnight shelter.

Trip planning is now more visual than ever thanks to our partners at Geotag Aeroview and their georeferenced aerial photos that created Coast View, the ultimate visual exploration tool in the hands of the user.

Trip Overview

Let’s define the trip  

So, what is a trip for us? 

It’s free. It’s easy and super-fast to create it. You can now share it with your friends and plan together. Simultaneously. No more group calls, meet ups and last-minute changes. You can do all this via our fresh keeano live web app and our brand new mobile app for iOS and Android.

It can be public or private, but it surely is personalized, according to your vessel type and size, needs and interests.  

Let us guide you through the process: 

  1. First things first. Let’s connect! Create your account easily and set up your interests, vessel size and type. 
  2. Navigate to your Profile’s Trips Section and click on Create New Trip. 
  3. After completing a short but powerful Trip Parameters wizard, the magic of trip planning starts to happen! 
  4. One-click share with your Trip buddies! Yeap. You heard it right. Join your forces and create a fantastic itinerary by collaborating through our new chat feature.  
  5. Explore the live map, open Place suitability score (bottom right corner button) – change the day and find the suitable places to “Add to Trip” – with one click. Always keep in mind to change filters depending on your need during the day. From Overnight stays (to anchorages, moorings, marinas and ports) to Shops & Services to Food and Drinks with insights for places to eat with or without dinghy access.  
  6. Here’s what dynamic trip planner means: Create your itinerary day by day, reorder everything, keep your notes in every stop, get some insights automatically from us and press “Calculate” button to get a multileg routing with underway stats. 

What’s in it for you as a Sea Professional? 

Whether you’re a skipper or a charter company, you can now seize the opportunity to stand out from competitors in an easy and efficient way. Here’s what our advanced dynamic trip planner can offer to you:  

  • Promote your brand or your services to a global market of boat enthusiasts for free.  
  • Make your customers feel unique and safe before and during the trip and gain returning customers 
  • Offer a tailor-made itinerary with our advanced trip planner to share off-the-beaten-path places and serve your customer in less than 30 minutes (for a 7 days trip) 
  • Eliminate time on calls with guests and provide safety for your bareboat and skippered charters. 

Are you interested? Check it out now. Create your Trips and Share them with your clients. Start Planning.