Coast View

Planning a day at the sea or just daydreaming?
Explore the coastline through hundreds of thousands of “helicopter viewpoint” photos.   Find the perfect beach or a suitable bay to drop your anchor, before you get there and avoid surprises. All you have to do is : Search, Swipe, Go.

Swipe and Explore

Swipe left or right and reveal the beauty of the Mediterranean coastline

Suitable for

Designed for coastal travelers and boat enthusiasts


Upgrade your offered services giving more options. Combine "Coast View" with keeano personalization engine and plan based on your crew interests and needs.

Boat Owners

Dare to experience unexplored destinations. Gain access to new anchorages, beaches and shelters visually, update your “To Visit” lists and enjoy your time at sea.

Coastal Travelers

Preview and plan your sailing trip, discover snorkeling, scuba diving and spearfishing locations, kayak through caves or just enjoy the perfect day at the beach with your family.

Tourism Professionals

Innovate with a new digital guide. Introduce "Coast View" to your customers, let them plan their trip, access useful information and emergency tips and gain peace of mind.

Coastal Coverage

More than 40.000km of Mediterranean Coastline covered with photos