In our continuous effort to create the biggest community of coastline travelers, by adding value to their travel experiences with our services, we are glad to inform you that Coast View product has launched and is now ready to use. Update your application and discover a new way to explore, plan, and experience Mediterranean Coastlines, either traveling by boat or by car.

Get the App for free! Get it on Google Play (Android) here or Download on the App Store (iOS) here

All you have to do is: Search, Swipe, Go!

Enable the new Map Layer “Coast View”, select a destination on the map, start navigating by swiping among 800.000 Georeferenced helicopter viewpoint  photos and discover isolated coves, anchorages, panoramic views of marinas, and shelters, all unknown to the naked eye, making daily planning easier and fun.

Explore all of the Mediterranean Coastline with a simple Swipe.

By combining “Coast View” with keeano personalization engine, your “visual search on the go” coastline experience is maximized based on your own interests and needs, now covering more than 250.000km of coastlines, so that you can enjoy it in Greece, Italy, France, Monaco, Turkey, Portugal, and Malta.   

Now you know the perfect beach or a suitable bay to drop your anchor before even arriving there, and there are no surprises.

Whether you are on the look for secluded beaches in the Ionian Islands, safe anchorages to spend the night while exploring Italy, or in search of hidden gems in Spain, you can now explore these places like a local with just the touch of your hand. 

Experience this summer carefree. 
Soar high above the Mediterranean via your phone screen. 

-Find more about Coast View and available referral and subscription plans, click here.