Just a stone’s throw away from Athens you will discover one of the most picturesque parts of Greece. The Argosaronic Gulf is full of beautiful islands scattered along the coast of Attica and the Peloponnese. Initiating your sailing trip from Athens, Alimos or Kalamaki marina, follow the Saronic route and explore its diamonds.
The Saronic Golf is ideal for yacht chartering and sailing due to its mild weather conditions. Especially during July and August when the northern, strong winds, known as ‘meltemi’ in Greece prevail at the area of Cyclades, Saronic Golf is not affected. Will offer you tranquility and stable wind direction.

Enjoy happy sailing conditions and experience a magnificent sailing trip with 4-5 beau forts without any impact from waves.

Although, the winds can never be predictable but mainly the wind intensity is up to 5 beau forts and in addition western and eastern winds are rare and less strong.
The islands in Argosaronic Gulf provide exceptional shelters to all winds and you can easily manage beach hopping around the islands. The weather conditions allow the smooth sailing and discovery of the lacy coastline with the countless bays, secluded beaches and busy marinas. It is an ideal proposal for Couples, Friends and Family Sailing Trips as sailing in Argosaronikos means not only spectacular natural beauty but also beautiful villages and towns! The keeano app gives you the opportunity to plan your route with safety by being a part of our active community!
Let’s see some of the most picturesque anchorages to visit during your Sailing Trip in Saronic Golf.