Another weekend in Athens and the heat makes it almost unbearable for anyone to just hang around. Therefore, it is essential to take a swim at any nearby -or, for that matter, any remote and more secluded- beaches in athens to relieve summer heat.

If you can’t jump on a ferry boat and set route to any of the Greek Islands and enjoy swimming in the Aegean Sea, don’t worry, ’cause there’s an alternative. Peloponnese region offers some unforgettable “paradise-like” coastal places to explore for an all-day weekend getaway from Athens. Explore them all with our Coast View feature, and get panoramic views of the landscapes before your trip!

This summer is different and more challenging than the previous ones. The global pandemic made us feel grateful and we all search for those secluded paradise spots where you can only hear the sound of the light breeze and the waves. For that, we are here to present to you all those hidden coastal places, in a tailor-made way, matching your interests and needs so that you can schedule your carefree day at the beach! In this post, our team has selected six intriguing beaches, away from the crowds, in ideal sceneries for you to enjoy a refreshing day.  

“Your Report matters! While being at the beach if you notice jellyfish, sea pollution, or anything unusual, you can report it through the app and inform the travelers in our community!”   

Kondili Beach – Nafplio, Argolida

Found 2 hours away from Athens, Kondili beach would be among the first recommendations as a beach to visit if you asked a local. It is also known as Agios Nikolaos beach, among locals. A well-protected beach from the majority of winds. It is suitable for everyone, couples, singles, and families with children who enjoy splashing in the shallows. The beach’s purity is guaranteed since it was awarded the “Blue Flag“. The beach is half-organized so you may lay down on the pebbles away from the organized with sunbeds section. It’s an easy drive there and the parking space is huge.

Are there any facilities? For those who like action on the beach, you may choose among a big variety of available water sports.  

For Instagram enthusiasts, finding a sunbed and capturing the magic moment of the sunset, would be ideal to create a moment worth sharing. 

kondili beach nafplio argolida - beaches in athens
Aeroview of Kondili Beach – Nafplio, Argolida

Due to the implementation of new beach COVID guidelines, you may Report if the beach bars are open and under which circumstances.

Karathonas Beach – Nafplio, Argolida  

Another perfect choice for families but not exclusively is the beach of Karathonas close to Kondili. The 2 hours drive is worth it, as it rewards you with a wide enough beach of crystal clear waters. Accessing the beach is easy and you can park anywhere by road. There is free space to lay down on the sand and enjoy the sun, but you also have the choice to rent a sunbed! Surrounding trees provide good shady spots if you have forgotten to bring your umbrella. 
 If you feel like eating or drinking, you can always visit the nearest beach bars! If you don’t like the feeling of sea salt on your skin, you will find showers by the beach to use for free! The active members of your company will also have a great time since there are plenty of water sports activities happening here! Even if you may find a lot of facilities on the spot, you may find the peace and quiet you were looking for. 
 The beach is big enough to welcome even the ones who are looking for a more secluded experience from most beaches in athens.

Everything you need to know for this location can be found in location details, through our app!

karathonas beach - argolida -- beaches in athens
Aeroview of Karathonas Beach – Nafplio, Argolida

Fragolimano Beach – Sofiko Korinthias  

Heading to Peloponnese, about 1 hour and 40 min away from Athens, the beach of Fragolimano is ready to offer you peace and quiet. It’s a pebbled unorganized beach, with easy access and free parking spots.  

Discover there two bays having clear, calm waters and natural shade from the trees reaching almost to the shore. There is also a canteen in the area, where you can get your soft drinks or coffee. 

fragolimano beach sofiko korinthias - beaches in athens
Aeroview of Fragolimano Beach – Sofiko Korinthias

Kalogerolimano Beach – Sofiko Korithias

In the enchanting bay of Kalogerolimano, the pines and tamarisk trees reach the sea. You may reach it in about 1 hour and 45 minutes if you are coming from Athens. You may have to drive through a dirt road for the last 500m, before reaching the beach. So be prepared for a (short) off-road experience. 
The spectacle though is really rewarding. The waters are crystal clear but also abruptly deep. Get your beach essentials in advance, because no amenities can be found on the beach. The beach is covered with pebbles and provides an exotic scenery, making you leave all your worries

kalogerolimano beach - sofiko korinthias - beaches in athens
Aeroview of Kalogerolimano Beach – Sofiko Korinthias

Salanti Beach – Kranidi, Argolida

About 2 hours and 32 min away from Athens, Salanti beach is another secluded beach for you and your friends or family to enjoy. Each summer, in its nearly three kilometers of pebble coast, Salanti beach welcomes people who come to admire the breathtaking landscape. Access to the beach is convenient and you can park along the road.   The Salanti beach preserves its natural beauty which remains untouched. The deep waters are constantly renewed by undercurrents. 

salanti beach kranidi argolida - beaches in athens
Aeroview of Salanti Beach – Kranidi, Argolida

Fact: In 1980, Saladi beach hosted the first hotel for nudists in Greece. The negative reactions of the local community back then were strong. The tourists left and the hotel closed on the same summer season!

Μetamorfosi No3 – Troizinia  

Our last stop is Metamorfosi no. 3 as you can find it in keeano application. It is located about 2 hours and 17 min away from Athens. It’s a beautiful unorganized beach, covered with small pebbles. There are no amenities around for food or drink. So be prepared and bring your own! 
The surrounding trees create the perfect scenery for those who want to lie under the shade. Take some time off and enjoy this peaceful beach with your friends or family! 

metamorfosi beach trizinia - beaches in athens
Aeroview of Metamorfosi No3 Beach – Troizinia