One of the most challenging tasks while sailing around islands is finding the perfect anchorage to shelter and freely enjoy a summer day on the water. Cruising and sailing have become more and more popular among travelers. Εspecially those who want to avoid crowded anchorages in most summer destinations.

The Ionian Islands are considered a sailors’ paradise, especially during July and August. During this period the weather is more predictable here than in the Aegean Sea. The easiness of hopping between islands makes finding the ideal scene for relaxation and discovery of new swimming spots a child’s play. We have selected some of the most picturesque Anchorages to shelter in the Ionian Islands as can be viewed through keeano application with the help of our Coast View feature.

We took the criteria for our choices based on their location, maximum and minimum depth. The easiness to reach the land by swimming or dinghy, and last but not least, weather coverage.

Consult Live Vessel layer on keeano and find out details about marine traffic and track if an anchorage is crowded in boats.

Asprogiali Anchorage – Kalamos Island

Leaving the Port of Kalamos, heading to the east side of the island for 3 NM you will arrive at the untouched anchorage of Asprogiali after 27 min by sailing boat. It is located on the northeast side of the island, where you can drop off anchor at 4 – 15 m. The sea ground is sandy and for a strong holding despite being located in an open place.

There you can be safe and sound from all south and west winds, although be wary when north and east winds blow. It is a relatively quiet place, except in the middle of summer when traffic increases. We advise you to arrive early in the morning after having tracked anchorage boat traffic from the Live Vessel map layer.
Even if you encounter lots of boats, you may sail northwest. There you will find smaller and quiet anchorages with the help of Coast View.

A beautiful anchorage at Kalamos Island. Asprogyali Anchorage Ionian Sea
Aerial View of Asprogyali Anchorage – Kalamos Island, Ionian Sea

Papageorge’s Cove – Meganisi

This magical spot is located on the south side of Meganisi Island just opposite the island of Kythros. Having as a starting point the port of Vathy you will need 1h and 28 min, sailing for 8.8 NM.
A well-fortified bay from all north winds with special natural beauty will welcome you. Drop off the anchor at 5-10 m. in sandy seabed but for a better grip, tie with a long rope on land, as there is the possibility of being swept away by currents especially when south winds blow.
A small and quiet bay nevertheless, where you should sail towards early in the morning or in the afternoon, to avoid crowds!

Aerial View of Papageorge's Cove beautifull anchorage - Meganisi Island, Ionian Sea
Aerial View of Papageorge’s Cove – Meganisi Island, Ionian Sea

Rodovani Anchorage – Antipaxos Island

On the west side of Antipaxos, and 2.2 NM from the famous beach of Voutoumi, the beautiful anchorage of Rodovani will be disclosed after 21min. The natural beauty and the exotic sea color will surely blow your mind! Drop off your anchor at 3-8 m. in the sandy seabed.
While being there, don’t miss the chance to visit the two idyllic beaches covered by white sand and small pebbles, Big and Small Kedros, by dinghy. This anchorage is also protected from the majority of winds apart from the west ones.

TIP: Do not neglect to explore the beauty of the seabed with your snorkelling mask!

Rodovani anchorage Antipaxos sailing
Aerial View of Rodovani Anchorage – Antipaxos Island, Ionian Sea

Filiatro Anchorage – Ithaca Island

Visiting Ithaca island, next to the famous Filiatro beach there is a quiet paradise for sailors. Located 4.5 NM from the port of Vathy and about 45min with your boat, it provides the scenery we know you are looking for.
Filiatro anchorage at the southeast side of Ithaki island gives you the chance to drop anchor off in depths between 7-12m. in the sandy and partly rocky seabed. Explore isolated beaches around the bay, accessible only by dinghy, which you can easily locate through Coast View service.
The anchorage is protected by west, northwest, and south winds but is open to east ones.
A lovely “corner” on the island, to rest your mind and why not spend your night!

Aerial View of Filiatro Anchorage - Ithaca Island, sailing Ionian Sea, Greece
Aerial View of Filiatro Anchorage – Ithaca Island, Ionian Sea

Fraxia Anchorage – Lefkada Island

A breath away from the busy port of Nydri, Fraxia Anchorage is waiting for you to sail-in!
Just 2NM heading SouthEast from Nydri and about 13 min with your sailing boat this tranquil place will be one of the most memorable spots of your vacation.
A well-protected bay from the majority of winds, except those blowing from the east. It is suggested as a good spot to spend your night away from the hustle and bustle of busy marinas and ports. Drop off the anchor at 4-8 m. in the sandy seabed offering very good holding. If you don’t want to dive-in from your boat, use the dinghy to visit the beach for some rest and sunbathe on the sand!

Aerial View of Fraxia Anchorage - sailing Lefkada Island, Ionian Sea
Aerial View of Fraxia Anchorage – Lefkada Island, Ionian Sea