The French Riviera, the stunning coastline of southern France, is a top sailing destination and for good reason! There are countless anchorages that offer respite from the strong winds, protected harbors and miles of coastline perfect for exploring. You could easily spend weeks discovering each new bay or anchorage. 

It covers about 550 miles and acquired the nickname Cote d’Azur or Azure (Blue) coast in 1887. With its sunny Mediterranean climate, moderate winds and sheltered harbors, it’s no surprise that sailors of all levels flock here to enjoy the coastline. 

For the first part of our French Riviera blog series, we’ve selected some spectacular anchorages – not to be missed. You can explore the entire region by downloading the keeano app and plan your trip with ease and safety. 

Those who come here to sail can be sure they won’t be bored with so much to explore including beautiful regions like Monaco, Cannes, Saint-Tropez and Nice.  

Come and discover why this region is considered one of the world’s premier sailing destinations. 

1. Joncquet beach, Toulon

Eager to explore the best of the French Riviera? Head down to Joncquet beach, where you’ll find breathtaking blue skies, azure waters, and postcard-perfect views. 

This anchorage is protected from the mistral wind and can offer you a safe haven under the shining stars. 

Nearby you can find other anchorages, such as Fabrégas, ideal for snorkeling! There is also access to restaurants and other amenities should you want to have a great time. 

So come check out Joncquet Anchorage – it’s one adventure not to be missed! 

Joncquet anchorage – Toulon, French Riviera 
Aerial View of Joncquet anchorage – Toulon, France 

2. Pointe du Gabian anchorage, Porquerolles 

Anchoring in Porquerolles island is an absolute dream! The stunning island is the perfect spot for a day in paradise. With its crystal-clear, emerald waters and breathtaking views over the horizon, it’s no wonder why it’s one of the most popular sailing destinations in the Mediterranean.  

The Pointe du Gabian anchorage is usually not very crowded. Therefore you can enjoy the exotic paradise without worrying about the northerly winds. 

Spend your day swimming and exploring the shallow seabed where you can wade through soft white sands and observe local marine life just below the surface. 

Pointe du Gabian anchorage – Porquerolles,French Riviera 
Aerial View of Pointe du Gabian anchorage – Porquerolles, France 

3. Plage du Gaou, Le Lavandou 

Plage du Gaou is an iconic beach located along the coastline of Le Lavandou. Its sandy seabed is the perfect anchorage for a casual day in the sun or cooling off with a dip in its warm Mediterranean waters.  

The sheltered bay offers plenty of protection from wind and waves, making it great for swimming, sailing, kayaking and more. Plus, there are plenty of nearby restaurants and bars offering delicious snacks and drinks which you can enjoy while watching the stunning sunset over the sea.  

Plage du Gaou provides an unbeatable atmosphere for relaxation – so if you’re looking to get away from it all, this is definitely the place to be! 

Plage du Gaou anchorage – French Riviera 
Aerial View of Plage du Gaou anchorage – Le LavandouFrance 

4. Briande anchorage, La Croix-Valmer 

Briande in La Croix-Valmer is one of the many dream bays in the French Riviera! Boasting crystal clear azure waters, with a sandy seabed so amazing.  

The sheltered bay offers picturesque views of the surrounding mountains, along with sandy beaches that are ideal for swimming and relaxing. Briande’s anchorage attracts many boaters because of its location as it is only a few nautical miles from Saint-Tropez. 

Plus, there are plenty of nearby attractions like local markets, lively villages and hiking trails for those who want to adventure further afield.  

Whether you need a peaceful hideaway or an exciting place to explore, Briande is the ideal anchorage for a perfect French Riviera getaway. 

Briande anchorage – French Riviera 
Aerial View of Briande anchorage – La Croix-Valmer France 

5. Grand Calanque anchorage, Marseille 

The Les Îles of Marseille archipelago is one of the most beautiful groups of islands to explore in the Mediterranean Sea! Indeed its secluded anchorages are some of the best around, with a plethora of engaging activities for seadogs to enjoy.  

From snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters surrounded by marine life to sightseeing on hidden beaches and coves; it’s all here waiting to be explored.  

Grand Calanque anchorage is a quiet place to choose as a night shelter and offers great views of the French Riviera. So don’t forget to wake up early to enjoy the sunrise over the city of Marseille. 

Bon Voyage! 

Grand Calanque anchorage, French Riviera 
Aerial View of Grand Calanque anchorage, MarseilleFrance 

In short, sailing on the French Riviera is a unique experience with countless anchorages and secret spots!

With a lush selection of local coves, out-islands and secret spots – discovering them will make you feel like you’ve uncovered one of Europe’s best-kept secrets! 

Don’t forget to explore the second part of our blog about the Top 5 anchorages on the French Riviera!

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