Frequently Asked Questions

A. Troubleshoot

1. How can I download keeano and find its latest update on my phone?

You can find the latest version of keeano app by downloading it depending on your smartphone, either from App Store available for iPhone and iPod or Google Play Store available for Android smartphones. We at keeano team, update the App regularly for you to enjoy new features and experience the keeano App and community to it’s finest.

2. Can I use keeano without an active internet connection?

Keeano needs an active internet connection to properly function since the results on the map are loaded dynamically based on the location and the actions of the user. The App though caches locally on your phone, data from the user’s navigation on the map and loads faster elements/places that the user has loaded before.

B. About keeano App

1. What does keeano mean?

The water absorbs more red light than blue near a coastline, leaving a greenish-blue color, cyan. keeano, is the cyan color which derives from the ancient Greek word “κυανό”. Thus, keeano App was born for everything that the sun “touches” around the coastlines.

2. What is keeano?

Keeano is a Global Social Coastline Guide application, which delivers personalized results to the users on our map, based on their personal Interests, their way of transport around the Coastline (by Sea or by Land), their current Mood and possible special needs.

In more detail, we at keeano Team, developed the first mobile search engine dedicated on global coastlines and by using our sophisticated algorithm, we can rank 19 different types of places (from beaches to Marinas), delivering to each user personalized perception of the map based on information they provided.

By creating a profile and joining our community, a user utilizes the power of Crowdsourcing. He/She can create or edit any place, contribute live reports and get notified for those created by other users, review places, add detailed information about Places such as Ports (spanning from VHF channels to the quantity of Berths) and enjoy weather forecasts detailed down to wind direction.

The user also by changing his/her “Mood”, can experience a whole new map, custom delivered to match all his Interests combined with his available ways of transport, creating a unique experience.

Are you ready to be a keeaneer?

Keeano app is available for download for FREE both on App Store for iOS users and on Google Play Store for Android Users.

C. Using keeano App

1. How keeano App matches my interests with the various places around coastline and ranks them?

Keeano App is all about personalization and focuses on the best possible experience a user can have, in exploring, reaching and enjoying places and spots around Global coastlines. To better deliver the most accurate results, our sophisticated algorithm matches the data that are available through third-party sources about places around the global Coastlines and information provided by the keeano Community through the App from users who have created or edited the attributes of many places.

To accomplish that our App is processing the user’s interests, the way of transport he submitted during the profile creation and current “Mood” selected and ranks places that match those interests and the combination of those interests with the active “Mood”, by also taking into consideration the way of transport. The Interests, way of Transport and Mood, are the three criteria that our algorithm uses to rank Places along the Coastline. For example, if a user has chosen in his interests “Clubbing” but also “Watersports” and as a way of transport “Road Car”, a potential beach having “Beach bars” and “Watersports” options available, but also easy access by road, will rank better to this specific user than a beach which has dirt road access, limited Beach Bars and no Watersports options.

The ranking on the places can be seen by the difference in the opacity of their Icons on the map. Places that match less with the users’ Interests, current Mood and way of transport are having lower opacity, making their icons less visible on the map. On the other hand, places that match users’ Interests, current Mood and way of transport and combination of all, are having higher opacity, shown bolder on the map.

For more information about ranking, please have a moment to check about Moods, Places and Profile on this page.

2. How do “Moods” option work?

If you were asking, what is the next level in personalizing search results, the answer is “Moods”!

Keeano team is introducing “Moods”, a fun and accurate way to rank all places a Coastline has to offer, simply by being related or not to selected “Mood”!

“Moods” also act as a booster to specific interests the user has chosen, when they match and completely changes the colors on all icons on the Map, to suit the active Mood.

In total at Keeano App are available 9 Moods a user can change to!

See here all about Moods and examples with the types of places they rank better.

3. How do Places work?

Places are named all the locations that can be found on the map. In more detail currently on the Map can be found 19 types of Places with in total 6 types that can be ranked based on user’s Interests, the way of transportation and mood and 13 place types that don’t rank. A user who has created a profile and thus being part of the keeano Community, can create a new place or edit an existing one by adding highly detailed information depending of the place, spanning from geographical and topographical, to information such as Public Wi-Fi passwords, free sunbeds or not and berths, VHF Channels and total number of berths, giving the power of keeano to its community.

Creating a New Place

To create a New place a user can simply choose the blue + icon from the Map screen and follow the steps! Each new place suggestion is reviewed from the keeano team and is accepted or not the following days. The user will be notified for the acceptance or not of his suggestion and will be named the Creator of this place.

Editing an existing Place

To edit an existing place, a user may click on the “Learn full details” and then on the top right pencil icon. Each edit place suggestion is reviewed from the keeano team and is accepted or not the following days. The user will be notified for the acceptance or not of his suggestion and will be named the Creator of this place.

Status of Places – Ranked or Unranked

All place types have one status, that is used to identify if our algorithm takes into consideration the user’s Interests, Mood and way of transportation to either rank or no rank a place. Places such as Ports, anchors and moorings are not ranked based on Moods, but places such as beaches, Marinas and more are. For instance, we cannot rank a Port based on Party Mood, but we can a Beach. Places that are not ranked, when certain Moods are active, are turned to black.

Sections of a Place

Each place tab has all the information available provided by the community and keeano team, grouped in six sections. These sections may variate on places, based on their type.

A. On first section a user can learn about the full details of the place, as the community shared information, by also seeing the original Creator of the place and the latest Editor. By changing different moods, a user can also see how the place ranks on his/her interests in percentage, on “Place Score”. After a user clicks to “Learn Full Details” he/she can also edit the place by clicking on the pencil icon on the top right. Every edit is reviewed from keeano team and accepted or not in the place information tab.

B. On weather report section a user can see the latest 2 hours weather forecast, giving details such as power and wind direction, along with temperature. From the settings menu, both temperature and Wind Speed may change to other units. Future updates considering the weather reporting are coming to keeno App

C. On “Ask Question” section a user will be able to ask a question to users who are live on the specific polygon of which the place is located into. A user will also be able to see the live users on the polygon by checking the live meter. A user can also navigate from his location to the place he is searching about, by clicking on the “Get directions” link.

D. On “Photo” section a user can see other user’s photos of the place by also uploading his. Being engaged with the community by uploading content on places is one of the ways, new and existing users can identify fast the current status of a place. More photos = better for keeano community!

E. Report section is one the most vital sections on keeano App. From this section a user can report an incident that witnessed on the specific place. By doing so everyone who is connected on the place by being on the place’s polygon or having bookmarked the place, will be notified about the report. The variations of the reports span from Alerts, Damages and Emergency reports to Weather conditions, beach, coast occupancy, water pollution and special Events. The two latest reports are being featured on the place for the last 2 hours.

F. On review section a user can see useful reviews from users about the place and can also add their own. Users may also Upvote or Downvote each review. The reviews are automatically upload to any place, but there are also reviewed from keeano Team.

On places that remain unranked such as Ports and Marinas, information such as number of berths, Official VHF Channels, contact numbers, site and email can be seen and edited by the community. This information is crucial for sailors and boat owners traveling to coast by sea and can be easily accessed.

4) How does Profile work?

On the Profile a user can keep of its information located, including their points based on his actions, the Flip Mode (By Sea or By Land), information about his/her ways of transportation and of course his/her interests! The information (Vehicle type, Vessel type and information, Interests and Favorites) the user provides are by default private to other users and can be turned public per section of users’ choice, through the Settings menu.

About the Flip Mode

Introducing the Flip Mode! Now the keeano users can chose their active way of transportation around the coastline, from their profile. Choosing between transportation way, some locations which are not relevant with active transportation selection, may remain hidden on the map. Active transportation mode will affect the results on the map.

Adding Interests & Needs

Any logged in keeano user, can add his/her interests of favorite activities or needs in relation to the coastline. Using this information and by also considering the active way of transport, our algorithm personalizes the results on the map by ranking the places. As a keeano user, please choose your real interests to enjoy truly personalized results and accurate place ranking.

5. How to use Search Bar?

Using the search bar on Map screen is made easier. Just simply start searching for your favorite beach, destination, marina, island, and much more and see the results. At the moment the languages supported are English and Greek.

D About keeano Community

1. To who is keeano addressed to?

The power of keeano, comes from its Community. Keeano App was created by people who love spending time on the Coastline and understand the needs for anyone that is somehow interested in coastlines for pleasure or business reasons, by bridging the two worlds of people reaching the coastlines by car and those by Sailing, Yacht or Fishing vessel. ‘Sea and sun’ tourists visiting an island for the first time and are in a mood to enjoy a summer morning on an isolated beach but also know for possible Jellyfish incidents, Travel enthusiasts that want to find information about a specific Port or Marina around them or hidden caves along the Coastlines and Surfers, kite surfers and windsurfers that want to know about the Weather and wind directions on their favorite beach this morning, best describe some of the members of keeano community. Sailors and boat owners, looking for the perfect mooring spot next to them or information about a Port such as their VHF channel or berths quantities on a Marina along with contact phone numbers and live Pleasure Vessels around them, can be informed easily and fast through keeano App. Pet owners can find out about if a place is Pet friendly and Clubbers if a place like a Marina or a beach is ranking well at Party Mood, by having Beach Bar options!

Everyone in love with the cyan color of the sea and want to experience the coastline as his own destination, is welcomed to join our Community!

2. On which Countries is keeano app active/available right now?

Keeano App is currently available worldwide and any user can suggest/create a new place or edit an existing on any Coastline. Currently though, the keeano team along with the Community has contribute with information details, photos, reports and reviews for locations and places on coastlines both mainland and islands around the Mediterranean Sea and Caribbean, in the countries Greece, Italy, France (South), Turkey, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Spain, Cyprus, Albania, Malta, Spain, Portugal, Bahamas, Cuba, Turks and Caicos, Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands, St Martin/St Maarten, Saint Barthelemy, Saint Kitts and Nevis, BES islands, Barbados, Antigua, Guadeloupe, Dominica, Martinique, St Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Barbados and Grenada. Keeano team is always contributing content and information details to more and more countries, so keep in mind for more Updates on “Coming Soon” section.

If you are interested in contributing content to keeano community, such as a new place on an area around the coastline that you know well, create a new account and start creating!