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Sea Kayak Menorca
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Paradise is just a paddle away. In Menorca.

Someone once said “if there’s a place, canoe there” and we feel that. That’s why we came up with the idea of creating series of blog posts about paddling tips and suggested itineraries for you to explore the diverse Mediterranean coastline! Stay with us and…

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Season’s Top 5 Photos from the Aegean Sea!

We are welcoming  autumn with some breezy ‘postcards’ from you! This summer season, you have uploaded more stunning photos of the beaches you visited than ever before!   It was very hard for us to decide which were the best ones!  We managed to narrow it down to the top 5 users’ photos from the Aegean Sea for you to enjoy! Let’s dive in! 1.‘Carried Away’ at Kalamaki beach, Neochori. This awe-inspiring photo of Kalamaki beach in Neochori blew us away, and is hence in the first place for the season’s best.   The aerial shot of…